Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year

well I am back from my Christmas break and rearing to go. I hope you enjoyed the holidays as I did.
This really cute Christmas quilt was made for a Christmas gift for my customers friend.Lucky friend I say. I custom quilted it using the fabulous trim feature in Creative Studio the Statler Stitcher programme on my gammill.I also did some freehand in this quilt.
The picture of the back is at the bottom of this entry. I got it in the wrong order and do not know enough to move the picture around. Maybe someone can tell me how to do it LOL.

This lovely quilt is the result of a round robin type block swap. The owner put most of the fabrics into a bag and said I want star blocks please.This is the result .The fabric choices and colours make this a lovely quilt .The quilting design is stars and loops.

This is the back of a Christmas quilt I did before Christmas all Custom work much of it freehand.When I find the rest of the

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hi I am still waiting for my sister to lend me her cord so I can download some new photos.I have heaps.
So in the mean time this is a personal quilt I made some time ago .Quilted om my Domestic Sewing Machine. Quilt as you go.This is a tiresome way to quilt a quilt LOL.
I took it to quilt group and a workshop is now in progress. There are about 8 quilts in progress ,and some gals who didn't want to make this are making kaliedescope quilts. So I guess you will see a few of them in the next month or two.
I hope you like this one.